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Closed 5 Brand Deals

“I started with them 4 weeks ago and I already closed 5 paid brand deals making me four figures. They all offered free product in exchange of content and I almost said yes because I didn’t know how much I could charge. They helped me figure out all my numbers and how to respond and they all came back agreeing to pay me. I sooo recommend it. Whatever you pay you’ll make it back with one brand deal.”

-Lisa, 2,100 followers

It's a Write Off

"The cost is legit a business write off at this point because the value it's bringing me and my online business and as an influencer... 1000% recommend cannot say enough good things cause it's been a game changer."

-Ashley, 4,900 followers

More than $2K in One Month

"I've been killing the UGC game! Just signed a $1100 deal and an $800 deal this week!"

-Aly, 950 followers

We're not psychic but
this may be your favorite business write off this year!

This comprehensive course was designed specifically with you in mind. And these aren't just any old pitch templates. Time and time again, brands tell us how impressive our pitches are. PLUS these are the exact systems I use every day to land UGC deals in my sleep.

Imagine what it would be like...

to be a content creator, but never have to worry about follower count and likes and engagement rate as your measure of success

to have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want (I'm typing this from a beach cabana in Mexico!)

to start a side hustle (or full-time gig) without having to pester your friends and family to join with you (I'm lookin at you MLM and MRR *oops she said it*)

What's inside UGC University?

Exclusive Student Community

Content creation can be a lonely game. You don't have to be alone! This community is going to supercharge your UGC business with support, behind the scenes & help troubleshooting when you get stuck.

Photography Tutorials

Your content needs to stand out against the competition in order to book brands - let us show you exactly how to make that happen!

All The Resources You Need

We have all the resources you need to be successful from invoice templates, a pitch checklist, lessons on turning gifted collabs into paid, how to work with PR firms, campaign trackers & more.

The Curriculum

10+ Lessons teaching you everything I've learned in the past 7 years as a content creator making UGC my full-time job!

Portfolio Audit

For a limited time, we are offering portfolio audits to every single student who signs up! Get direct feedback from us about things that can increase your brand deals & your rates!

Exclusive Brand Opportunities

We post available brand deals in our exclusive Facebook support group weekly! And our students actually land them!

Right now you might feel...

Like you're ready to start actually making money as a content creator, but you're JUST starting so you know no brands are going to pay you yet.

Like you see everyone else succeeding at UGC, but you haven't dove in just yet!

Like you don't want to have your phone in your hand 24/7 like an influencer...

Like you're excited to dive into a new business

opportunity and you're ready to put in the work.

If you said "that's me" to any of those things, then UGC University is for you!

Pay in Full

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When I dove into UGC myself, it changed the game for me!

I started to enjoy content creation again because there were no engagement numbers to hit

I built a foundation network that now brings in work without much outreach

I have ongoing monthly partnerships with brands which means guaranteed income! (No more starting at zero each month)

Brands that previously said I had too few followers were now begging to work with me!

And you can do the same!

UGC University is valued at over $1,200

but you can get it today for only $299!


Q: How long will I have access to the content?

A: When you enroll, you will get lifetime access to the content so you can work through it at your own pace. If you want to fly through it in a week & get rolling with your business right away, you can!

Q: Why should I jump in now instead of waiting?

A: The UGC market is absolutely EXPLODING right now & creators are getting wise to it. Brands are hiring more and more creators to create UGC for them, but we want you to hop in as early as you can on the trend to make the most money possible!